She decided it was time

to let go and move forward.

And off she went,

arm in arm with the universe.

Part of My Story


It was january 2015
After working as a projectmanager, stage director and creative support in event management for more than 20 years for notable clients, I escaped for one month on a yoga-education to India.
And I am still here. Why? Well this is a question I asked the universe myself.
I don’t even like indian food.
Somebody said ‘how do you survice when you don’t like indian food?’
Me: I opened my own restaurant and wrote the menu card.
I studied, experienced and learned
a million lessons.
My life is a balancing act between Flip Flops and High Heels, detachment and contracts, spirituality and logic.
I call home a pink house by the beach, a town house in Delhi and a penthouse apartment in Cologne city in Germany. It took me some years to really understand the difference between „make it happen“ and „let it happen“. And always that question „Why does the universe want me to be here?“
… until one day I will eventually know the answer!
Welcome to my life.
she decided it was time to let go and move forward
so she packed only the best of everything she had been through:
the fragrance of burnt hopes
that fine nectar distilled from her fears
and a precious collection of each sweet bruise etched on her soul
and off she went
arm in arm with the universe
Neelam Tewar


Mentoring people means owning my story and to inspire from experience. As a Generator 6/3 in Human Design I went through the mud, picked myself up in most uncomfortable situations, kept walking, carried myself home, wrapped-up on the couch, got up again and kept walking, dedicated to growth and expansion
over a lifetime.
 With fantastic human beings and animals as teachers by my side. I can truly say now that I am ready. Ready to share my experience. Ready to guide. Ready to keep learning, knowing that everything happens in my favor and that I always can create a better-feeling thought. 
Today I am someone else’s next step. Maybe yours?
Wherever you are right now … today is a good day to meet yourself. 
You walk. 
And I hold your hand. 
We got this.


Yes, you can create the life you love, you can change your relationship with money, you can heal yourself! 
If you start understanding your design, your strategy, authority and if you can be wise with your energy, all you inner gifts and talents are available to you. That is the universal law. The question is: Do you believe in your own worth? And can you step into your power to own your worth. To show up in all of your glory?
What is holding you back? just look a little deeper into your soul. Scary? I know … but you can’t grow and level up by laying on the couch, my dear. 
So wherever you are right NOW … it’s a good day to meet yourself. You walk. And I hold your hand. We got this.


Let’s talk about how to use the FLOW as a benefit for your company. How the workspace can become the inspiring source of productivity. How efficiency will be increased by everyone who is in their flow. Key-Note, Workshops, Inspirational Talks for Leadership and Employees.

Human Design

Meet yourself on a deeper level and remember why you came here. Human Design is a profound science that helps you so clearly and simple to understand your unique blueprint, how to balance your energies and re-discover your power. Sometimes we just need to hear another perspective as your cells know and only want to remember. And that is truly powerful.

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