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Dancing with

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Human Design

Life is a constant dance with the Universe.
That moment, you get to know your Human Design, you start learning the steps and flow into the rhythm. The beat of your life, your heart. By understanding your Type, Strategy and Authority you hold the key to a more fulfilling way of living your everyday life in your hand. This is your way to alignment, to step into your power and start living your best life in all areas. Business, life, relationships, environment … there is always more. Yes also for you …  are you ready for your next level?
The biggest change in my life after the first reading of my chart was:
I understood that my strategy in life is to respond. And as soon as I started experimenting with this, throwing a light of awareness on impatient situations and learned how to wait, life created the most beautiful situations and occasions for me. Life started to happen FOR me. And I tapped into a next level of trust and faith. THAT my friends is dancing with the universe. As one.
Tiny changes and a little bit of awareness already will lead you to a beautiful flow that invites all the magic into your life. That direction towards your mission here on earth. As a generator 6/3 I am a great fan of experimenting. To find out, which way works best for you. There is so much more possible. Far more than you can even imagine right now.
And there is so much, your mind doesn’t know about you.
If you start walking, the universe responds in opening up new ways and possibilities. Possibilities you cannot even imagine right now. Because we are often limited by our thoughts which are connected to ‚old emotions‘, as we all are conditioned from childhood and learned how to limit ourselves in the full believe in abundance.
Heartfelt welcome to the world of Human Design.
The moment knowledge is experienced it becomes wisdom. And there is nothing greater than your love for your inner wisdom of your soul.
As you start walk out on the way, the way appears. – RUMI
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Oh hello …

5 love letters to the self …

which one belongs to you?

Generator & Manifesting Generator (70%)
Projektor (20%)
Manifestor (9%)
Reflector (1%)

Dear Projector,

Do you know that you are not here to work – especially not in service of others?! You are a director in this theatre called ‚human experience on earth‘.
And when we are ready and recognize you, then you become our inspiration. Our guide. We need you, because you bring magic and love to this world.
And maybe you ask yourself sometimes: hey … I know the way! Why is nobody asking me?! We are not ready for you dear Projector.
Wait for your invitation and you will experience a satisfying wave of fulfillment. Promise.

Dear Generator,
You are a powerful, wonderful fireball. Are you never getting tired? Yes, you are? Then ask yourself, if that what you do is what you love or are you pleasing others.
You are here to get to know yourself. If you love what you do, you become a shiny magnet of attraction to others.
You are the life force of this world and we can feel it. We want to get some of your energy.
Be aware that you don’t become a people pleaser. Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you HAVE TO.

Dear Manifesting Generator,
You are fast! So fast, that sometimes you wanna shout ‚hey why are you all still discussing? LET’s GO‘.
And then you skip some steps out of your grasp for efficiency and you ask yourself: huh … how did I get here? I didn’t want to do this.’
Can you not finish one thing before you start already the next? No? Great!! Because you don’t have to.
You are a Multi-Tasker and you will get more energy the more projects you are juggling. The calm and magic lays in the invitaion from life. Wait for a sign from the universe, take a deep breath and then start walking. There is no rush, my dear.

Dear Manifestor,
Your energy ist powerful. So strong that we feel when you enter a room. You might not be aware of it, but you have a great impact on us, because we feel your Aura.
We know you hate questions. No worries … there are none. You just need to inform us about your vision. No, you don’t need to ask us for permission, but please, please inform us.
When you flow from one manifestation to the next, please let us know. Yes, you are not here to work. We generators love to work for you (not all … and that is ok). But some follow and bring your ideas into form, just let us know what to do!
When you are aware of your internal creative flow, when you are aligned, you are unstoppable. And you are not dancing a waltz, but salsa with the universe.

Dear Reflector,
We are so lucky to know you, moonchild. You are our karmic mirror to the world. The audience in this theater play of life. And for you it is so very important,
that you are with the right people at the right place at the right time. You are our shiny unicorns. You need a good environment, because you mirror us. You reflect the potential of the potential.
That doesn’t mean that you don’t have your own personality, you are complete and perfect just the way you are.
You amplify our strength and also our fears. So choose your company wisely. Those who are lucky to meet you, will hold you close to their hearts.

 If you hold on to who you think you are, you don’t allow yourself to be
whom you came here to be.

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What people say about my work

Just WOW! Finally I not only have an idea about my Human Design, but even know who and how I am and what I am here for. That makes me want to know more and more — yesssss, typical MG 1/3 :-).
I am very grateful, that our paths crossed. It is wonderful to jump into this science and start to dance with the universe.
Sabine, Manifesting Generator

I became friends with Anika on Facebook since 2015, just after I met her in India. I followed her on Facebook and always watched was she was doing. Inner her “India-Group” she made a raffle for a Human Design Reading and I spontaneously took part.  

I didn´t win but used this as a chance to make an appointment for a reading without even really knowing what Human Design is (typically Generator). Everything went easy and quickly. 
The reading was really fascinating. Getting a user manual for oneself – that´s what everybody should already get as a child!
I observe myself during my everyday life more and more, I am more attentive with myself and it is a big relief realising why things are as they are.
Annika took a lot of time during the reading and gave helpful tips to live more and more in harmony with myself.
I can highly recommend Anika and her Readings for everybody 🙂

Samira Weiss, Generator 
~ Massage Therapist and Skin Coach ~

There was a sign. A loud one. From inside: CALL ANIKA had no idea where that was coming from. My only connection at that time: I followed her flashing FB posts. She is a wonderful authentic writer with clear and easy understanding wording.

What else can I say than – I just called her. Our 1st call lasted over 1 our – and I felt immediately understood. Instantly I booked a coaching series. With great sensitivity, great sense of humor and “on the point” Anika scrolled up my pain points so that I was able to do my next step into a new life. Through Anika I met Human Design and love it since. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your valuable coaching work.

Janin Kukwa, Manifesting Generator
~ Yoga & Human Design ~

It was such an enlightening experience to have a closer look into my Chart and to be able to discover new characteristics. I felt seen and understood. I on top encounter new ways of processing and handle this information through Anikas life wisdom and empathy. Thank you so much! Love from Berlin
Laura Schraml, Manifesting Generator
~ Tattoo Healer ~



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