Connect with yourself

and the present moment.


My journey to the deep inner connection with my soul, the source and my purpose started with yoga.
Yoga is a great choice from your toolbox to bring more awareness into your life. More awareness leads to understanding.
Understanding leads to your self. And that flows into alignment of your body, mind and soul. This feels like being complete.
It is a deep knowing that you are right there where you ment to be. Also Yoga Asana helps you to build up a loving connection with your body. To appreciate your body as the home you live in.
The purpose of Yoga Asana is to prepare your body to find stillness. To teach you patience and acceptance. Sitting in Meditation and connecting with your breath is leading to clarity, creating space in your mind and showing new opportunities.
Please reach out, if this also sound as a way for you to start walking towards your self. Sometimes we take one step at a time. Going from the body to mind to soul is a facinating journey of finding access to your beautiful self and get to know you all over again.


The more silent you become, the more you can hear.
It is remarkable how much more we can move forward by standing still. How much more we can hear by being silent and how much more clarity we gain by calming our mind. Whether you pause by taking a five-minute walk outside, spending a day unplugged from digital devices, or taking a few weeks off to yourself, a pause will give you the tools to find what “lights you up” and the ability to lead the most satisfying and fulfilling life you choose. 


What is happening here?
We will connect via broadcast for guided relaxation practices live from anywhere in the world. Melt into a beautiful guided meditation practice with voice, sounds, music … just be open to the moment and let all happen. Find a quiet place where you don’t get distracted or disturbed. You have nothing to do but to sit, lean back or lay down most comfortably. 

Every sunday 17:00 PM CEST we are offering Moments of Pause and Relaxation such as Yoga Nidra or any other kind of guided relaxations. The relaxation session lasts 35-30 minutes. 

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Movement is never just about the body, the headstand, the backbend. I believe that the body already has all the knowledge. Dive into a conversation with your body and connect again. If we let the body talk, it would tell you what you need to do -or not- to be at peace, to find your joy and to heal yourself. Enjoy learning to listen to what your body has to say. Yoga practice helps you stand still in this world that is constantly moving. It teaches you to bend, so you don’t break. It brings you countless benefits for your muscles, connective tissues, organs, skin and joints.

The more you learn to find comfort in uncomfortable moments, the more it will spread out into your life – to the so called ‘yoga off the mat.’ Yoga practice brings peace to your mind, a warm loving feeling to your heart and awareness to your body.


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