Human Design Chart – Deep Dive 90


Life is a dance with the universe.

You already know the steps, but sometimes you fall out of the rhythm, disconnect from the energy that is needed for an aligned dance. Like a dancing couple, that seems to be united with body and soul, lost in the moment of musical flow.
Human Design shows you the dancing steps .
You learn, understand why you are here, how your energies flow, how you should make decisions and what strategy is aligned with your design to get into balance. To live your life to the fullest and enjoy with all your senses. What business style will bring you success and happiness, how to understand your partner, your children, your loved ones and YOURSELF.
It is always about live and let live. The science of the Human Design System will show you a new level of acceptance, tolerance and above all self-love.
During a Deep Dive Session we will connect online via Video-Call
We dive into
– your type
– your strategy (how you dance with life)
– your authority (how you make decisions)
– your not-self themes, conditioning and the wisdom that lays in the open centers
– we look at your strength, your fears, defined and amplified gates
– we take a look at your business
– there is space for questions and mentorship by design
– we look at your talents and gifts seen in the gates and energy channels
– we complete the session by answering the question ‘what is my purpose here?‘ (by design)
You decide what is important to you during our session and out of my experience we always get what we need to know.
Heartfelt welcome to my world with Human Design.
We know everything. Your soul carries the wisdom … all we gotta do is to remember.
Are you ready to come home?


1 review for Human Design Chart - Deep Dive 90

  1. Tanja Neth

    Es war eine tolle Erfahrung! Diese AHA Momente, die man hat sind einfach magisch. Wenn man sich selbst besser verstehen will ist ein Reading bei Anika eine tolle Bereicherung. Es wird nicht das letzte Reading gewesen sein 🙂 Vielen Dank liebe Anika

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