Human Design Sacral Activation


Find your Flow again with the Sacral Activation

This Session is for you, ….

+if you are a Generator / Manifesting Generator with a Sacral Authoritiy

+ if you are stuck somehow in your business, in your relationships, in your everyday flow
+ if you think you should, but somehow don’t do or don’t know how, when, what
+ if you don’t know where your should go
+ if you are longing for clarity and focus
+ if you desire to be guided to find some answers
+ if you desire the right questions instead of advice, because you feel that the answer is only within you
Our sacral voice is such a gift. We love yes/no questions.
In this Session we connect you on hyperspeed with your sacral sound, your inner authority, your gut’s voice. There is nothing to do, but to get out of your mind and fully relax and trust your body.
… and again and again people are surprised about their answers without pro/contra lists.
How clear, fast and precise they can suddenly make a decision.
How light and effortless and aligned this can feel.
Because there are so many things your mind doesn/t know about you.



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