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Life is a dance with the universe.
You already know the steps, but sometimes you fall out of the rhythm, disconnect from the energy that is needed for an aligned dance. Like a dancing couple, that seems to be united with body and soul, lost in the moment of musical flow.
Human Design shows you the dancing steps.
Get your Bodygraph Chart and look forward to your Mini Reading via voice message. This Mini-Reading you can only book personally – also if we sometimes really like to know why the other one is as (s)he is. Thank you for understanding.
Heartfelt welcome to my world of Human Design.
When we gain knowledge, we generate wisdom.
And there is nothing more fulfilling than being in love with the wisdom of your soul.
When you book your 90 minute Dive Deep Reading with me after your Mini Reading (within 1 month), this ammount will be credited.


6 reviews for Human Design Mini Reading

  1. Bryher

    I had a wonderful mini reading and was amazed at the information and understanding given. It really helped me to understand myself and my chart better! Highly recommend and will book a full reading ASAP!

  2. Chelsea Haas

    I have a basic level of knowledge regarding human design as I have gone up to a Level 2 HD reader certification, but the mini reading that I received from Anika gave me new insights about myself that I have not been able to piece together on my own! I highly recommend getting a reading with Anika, as the information she passed along to me has really helped me understand myself at a deeper level and gave practical tips on how to bring forward my best self.

  3. Lena Voß

    I really recommend the Mini Reading by Anika. It was, as its called, a short reading but filled with a lot of content and energy. Thank you for your time! Hearing my chart through your perspective was really refreshing!

  4. Ricky

    I just received my mini reading and I am very impressed with it so a huge thank you for this. There wasn’t a single point which wasn’t 100% spot on. Highly recommended

  5. ReshmaDatar

    The way Anika and I connected over Facebook is a magical story in itself! When we spoke for the first time on the phone it felt as though I have known Anika forever! She did a mini reading for me and it was incredibly insightful! She helped me understand myself better which is really helping me in this crucial time where I am struggling with making life-changing decisions. Anika has a beautiful way to communicate with such passion and compassion making you feel comfortable and safe to reveal yourself in her presence. Thank you Anika for your magical energy! Wish you love and happiness on your path.

    Reshma Datar
    Yoga Educator and Therapist, Generator

  6. Lenka Perextova

    Anika did my chart and basically read me in total. She was able to pull really specific things out about me and my type. And it changed my perception about myself. I will continue for full reading. Anika is so sweet, knowledgeable, kind and loving person who can lead others to their true path. I can’t recommend her enough.

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